Saturday, December 28, 2013



My heart beats for my Soulmate.
He is water for my thirsty soul.
Where I once was broken and abandoned,
He is making me undeniably whole.
I am His, for now and always.
From the beginning, until no end.
He is the One I will live for;
My Soulmate, my dearest friend.
There is no man or significant other,
Who can take His place in my life's stride.
It is God who stands alongside me always.
First and foremost, I will be His Bride.
I will give Him all that I am.
I will serve Him with all of my heart.
There is no power on earth or below,
That from Him, will tear me apart.
While I hope and long to serve a husband.
A Godly man at whose side I will stand.
I pray that his Soulmate, too, is Jesus,
Before God, we will kneel hand in hand.
In every chapter of my life's story,
God will play the main character's role.
He is my King, Friend, Dad and Saviour,
With His blood, He has won my soul.

Robyn Moll
28 December 2013

(Image source, Google Images, with thanks!)

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  1. Robyn that is such a wonderful poem. I love your single-mindedness for our Lord and I love that you are already praying for your mate to be God's man (that's the only way it will be honoring Him). You honor Jesus in these posts and I so look forward to them. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem.