Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why I won't marry my soulmate

If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I am a totally hopeless romantic.
I love “rom-coms” and have spent far too many hours observing other people’s love stories over and over again. It draws me in and reminds me of some of the deep desires I carry in my own heart.
Hopes for my future, and dreams about what one day may be…

So it may come as a surprise to you to learn that I have no intentions of
“marrying my soul-mate”.

A little contradictory, I know, but nonetheless…

Despite every rom-com I’ve eagerly absorbed and all the gooshy, sloppy romance that has been imprinted on my DNA; I am in no way planning on donning a white dress, carrying a pretty bunch of flowers and walking down the aisle to join my kindred soul in matrimony.
Don’t get me wrong, I do have every desire to marry (and do all that romantic wedding stuff); I just know that my groom won’t be my soul-mate.

To me, a soul-mate is someone that you deeply desire despite never having met; someone that has been imprinted into your very being; someone for whom you yearn for with the very fibres of your being.
A soul-mate should be that person who you know that you could never live without, because your very existence is interwoven with theirs.
Someone far greater than any mortal man or woman.

Someone like Jesus.

In my relationship with God, I have come to understand that He chose to love me, to never hurt me, to never forsake me, to never use or abuse me, to raise me up and call me His, even when I was totally undeserving of that. 
That love; that unending, all-forsaking, despite-everything kind of love; is one I know I’d never be able to live without.

 Sure, I would love to marry a man one day, and I would love to serve that man just as God calls wives to do.
And I’m hoping that if I ever have that privilege, I would choose someone who I know I will love with everlasting, passionate love. I hope to find a husband who will bring as much joy and happiness into my life as I will theirs and who I can love until
“death do us part.”  

But I won’t spend any amount of time looking for “the one” or put the undue responsibility on any human to “complete me.” If I get married, in all my efforts to live out a Godly marriage, I hope to remember that I am first and foremost created for my real soul-mate, and not my spouse.

My soul-mate will always be someone greater than any future husband and while I may be His daughter and His bride, He is not a mortal man that I desire to marry.

I may be single now, but my soul-mate has already called me His…

(image source, with thanks: Google Images)