Saturday, April 4, 2015

Never Ending War

Battles all around;
Of shame and pain and lust.
Choking the life out of our flawed perception of Freedom.
Clouding our vision as we seek to find the truth.

The familiar voice taunts us, telling us half truths and whole lies;
Undermining the depravity of our sin and then shaming us when we give in.
Broken lives,
Broken hearts all around.

This is the life of the Never Ending War.
Our future seems hopeless.
We are the fallen ones, the Fatherless, the lost generation giving in to our flesh.
Clinging to the promises of a world that cannot sustain.

Our thirsty hearts call out for a Savior.
The One who is imprinted into our very DNA.
From the depths of our souls we can feel the void.
We are lost; And we cannot see.


From somewhere comes the whisper;
The precious, sweet voice that calls us by name.
And as we open our hearts; we can feel His presence;
A soothing balm to a tired, weary soul.

He speaks of love, and of mercy and hope.
The truth, in it's power, shatters the lies.
Our hearts are filled with the sweet drenching of Grace. 
Our world shifts as our chains fall free.

We are but the same weak soldiers.
Yet we are clothed in His righteousness;
We carry His sword;
We wear His shield.

The words that once crippled us are now meaningless;
As we have tasted the reality of the mercy-filled truth.
He is the King.The Alpha and Omega.
The One who died to pay our debt.

We are clay to His gentle hands;
He is molding us into who we were born to be.
We are truly His and His alone.
Our identity remodeled and our souls set free.

He has ended the Never Ending War.
The cross at Calvary declares, "It is Done!"
But by Grace and Grace alone;
The battle rages on; but the War is won.

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